Six tips on how to stay focused and avoid distraction.

by Emma Allen

Staying focused can be so difficult. I’ve found it especially difficult now that I work from home. I am the motivator, brain stormer, organiser of everything that needs to be done.

Between working, doing the school run and keeping up with the housework it can be quite hard to know how to stay focused and to concentrate on one thing when so many other tasks need to be done.

I’ve had to start getting quite strict with myself as otherwise I’d never work and sit watching Netflix all day. I’m in the early stages of setting up a little business. It’s taking a lot of my time up trying to work out what works best and what programs to use as well.

I have put together a list of things that help me to focus as it may help you as well. Especially if you are in a similar situation and struggle to stay interested as much as I do at times.

Shower & eat breakfast

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I wake I struggle to actually “wake up”. Instead I’ll spend the morning slumped in my PJ’s sulking because I have zero motivation. This is when I kicked myself and started jumping in the shower first thing. This along with forcing myself to eat a decent filling breakfast helps me to wake quicker and of course start to begin the day productively.

Create a work-space

I’ve put together a small area where I can go to work. It’s nothing to scream about but it’s my own area at the back of the sun room with a desk, desktop computer and room to plug in the laptop as well if needed. I’ve got a few plants and trinkets as well as my planners, notebooks and pen pot filled with useful pens and pencils should I need them.

Invest in a planner/diary

I spent a while looking for the perfect 2017 planner/diary. I wanted something that I would actually be able to use. That I wouldn’t get fed up of after a week and just let it sit empty. I had a Filofax a few years ago and loved it for about a month so this time I bought one from Busy B which has days to a page and is perfect for what I was needing this year.

Plan your attack

I find a useful list of goals and tasks that you want to achieve helps. I’ve set annual goals, monthly goals and now I sit and pre-plan my goals for the next day before I go to bed too. It allows me to relax in the evening as I am confident that I’ll have a productive day with my plan already laid out the previous day.

Schedule in breaks

I find working for too long can give me a right headache. Maybe it’s because I’m at home alone, I forget when I need to take a break and when I’m concentrating and fully invested in something, I struggle to pull myself away. I think it’s a kind of momentum thing. I have learnt that it’s important to step away even when you are on a roll. Even if it’s just to grab a quick cup of tea and a biscuit. It helps. Trust me.

Stop procrastinating 

This is something that I spent so much time doing until recently. I used working as an excuse to sit on social media chatting away for far too long in the day. Now I make sure to schedule anything if needed. As well as this I will not open any other browsers or social media channels whilst writing or designing to avoid distraction. I also switched off the desktop notifications too. It’s worked wonders!

What do you do when you want to stay focused? I think that for me, I’ve discovered how to stay focused almost perfectly, plus what are your surefire ways to avoid distraction?

– Emma Allen –

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